Martijn van Schaik

The main spokesman at Seahorse Naval Architect is Martijn van Schaik MSc. His passion for everything that involves shipbuilding started at an early age. Sailing with the Enkhuizer Bol (traditional dutch sailing yacht) of his parents every summer, improving it every winter, it only increased his interest. Making his profession in the naval business could only be the most logical step. “In this profes­sion you create something beautiful which you’ll come across later on the water”, says this enthusiastic naval architect (MSc, Delft University of Technology)

Being a passionate sailor, Martijn became Dutch champion as a crewmember on his own designed Lemsteraak. He also won numerous prizes with his 5.25 meter wooden Friese Schouw (traditional dutch open yacht), with a sail plan of his own design. His knowledge and expertise, combined with his practical (sailing) experience makes him an ideal partner for producing your yacht building project.